Introducing Re-Claim by Best Sports Doctors, a comprehensive sports insurance plan in Malaysia tailored for the hard-core fitness and sports enthusiast. It doesn’t really matter what kind of sports you’re into because we cover almost all of them (with the exception of a few funky sports).

With Re-Claim, you’ll get to see upfront what sports are covered and what’s not. So you never have to get that rude surprise when you bust a knee only to find out you can’t make a claim for it. That’s not how we roll.

When you sign-up with Re-Claim, you get round-the-clock world-wide sports coverage too. So if you break something while climbing Mt. Everest, just take a chill-pill because we got your back. We’ll even fly you out of there. So leave your recovery bills to us and just focus on getting back into the game. Visit for more info.