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  • MBBS (Singapore), FRCS (Edinburgh)

  • 1st Floor, KLSMC

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  • More About Dr. Low

    • Sub-specializes in foot and ankle problems.
    • Fellowship-trained in UK on the treatment of foot and ankle deformities and injuries with various options ranging from orthotics to complex surgical procedures.

    Dr. LOW is the foot and ankle specialist at KLSMC. He obtained his medical degree from the National University of Singapore in 1988 and completed Orthopaedic postings at the National University Hospital and Alexandra Hospital before returning to Malaysia in 1996. He continued with his training in Hospital Kuala Lumpur and in 1999 was appointed as Orthopaedics and Traumatology Specialist at Hospital Kajang where he developed an interest in Foot and Ankle Surgery.

    In 2001, Dr. LOW visited the Harborview Medical Center, Seattle in the United States. He met internationally-renowned foot and ankle expert, Professor Sigvard Hansen, who introduced him to a wide variety of concepts and ideas regarding diseases of the foot and ankle. In 2004, Dr. LOW obtained a Foot and Ankle Fellow post at the Wirral Foot Unit in the United Kingdom. There, he trained to perform surgical corrections of various deformities of the foot and ankle. One of the many conditions he has learnt to treat is hallux valgus, commonly known as bunions, using the Scarf Osteotomy technique which has gained wide-spread popularity in many European countries. While working in the NHS, he gained substantial experience in dealing with foot and ankle problems.

    Dr. LOW is also actively involved in the training of local postgraduate students in foot and ankle surgery.