• Primary Care & Family Physician

  • MBBS, FRACGP (Australia), AFPM (Mal), Dermatology (S'pore), Woman & Reproductive Health (AFPM), Primary Care & Family Physician

  • 1st Floor, KLSMC / 1st Floor Verve Shop

  • Dr. Surinder Kaur's Clinic Schedule

    Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
    AM (KLSMC)  AM (Verve) AM (KLSMC) AM (KLSMC) AM (KLSMC) AM* (KLSMC / Verve)
    PM (KLSMC)  PM* (Verve) PM** (KLSMC) PM (KLSMC) PM (KLSMC)
    AM ( 9am to 1pm ) | PM ( 2pm to 5pm )
    PM* ( 2pm to 3.30pm )
    PM** ( 2pm to 4.30pm )
    AM* 1st Saturday – KLSMC, 2nd & 3rd Saturday – Verve

  • More about Dr. Surinder Kaur

    Dr. Surinder Kaur GILL is a graduate of Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Karnataka, India. Following her graduation in 1998, she underwent further training both locally and abroad. She obtained post graduate qualification in Woman & Reproductive Health from Academy of Family Physicians Malaysia and Graduate Diploma in Dermatology from National University of Singapore.

    Dr. Surinder Gill specializes in Family Medicine for which she has obtained qualification from both Malaysia and Australia. She is a Fellow of The Royal Australian College of Family Physicians and a Member of The Academy Family Physicians of Malaysia.

    She commenced her family medicine practice at KLSMC in Feb 2009.

    Besides her private practice, she is also currently a Clinical Lecturer in Jeffrey Cheah School,of Medicine, Monash University, Malaysia.